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Developer Streams for Alpha 20

1) Alpha 20 First Look with Prime and Madmole October 28th, 2020[] .tv] .tv]
Beta 20 Developer Livestream on November 25th, 2021 (EST) (EST)
3) Twitch Integration Demonstration (19.5 but also applicable to A20)[] .tv] .tv]
4) Alpha 20 Developer Live Stream September 15, 2021
5) Alpha 20 Developer Live Stream September 22, 2021
6) Alpha 20 Developer Live Stream September 29, 2021
7. Alpha 20 Developer Live Stream on 6th of October in the year 2021
8) Alpha 20 Developer Live Stream October 13, 2021

Roadmap for Alpha 20 and 21

Update for Unity

TFP will be working with Unity devs directly

2) Random Generation Update

New stamp technology will allow the insertion of biomes of materials generated by artists, such as mountains, hills, rivers, and so on. There will be a stable of varied geographical qualities for the game to chose from.
New terrain-generating controls, such as sliders for choosing whether an area is steep or flat, will be featured in the game's main menu (for example) (for example).
The density of these map components may be changed by means of biome pickers and city selectors.
Sizes of maps in the 6k, 8k, and 10k pixel range planned
City tile system randomly places city structures into tiles so that they are aligned appropriately with one other and city highways. It's multilayered so that sewage systems below ground may match up with surrounding tiles, resulting in a system that appears consistent and well-aligned.

Modifications to the Vehicle

Tinting mask would allow vehicles to have color details applied to differentiate vehicle owners better Off-Road Headlights That Conserve Fuel Extended Seat Fuel Tank for the Supercharger

4) Updates to the Shape Menu and the Building

Block drawings with shading are used to illustrate forms.
Particle board bricks, which serve the same role as frame blocks, are used to arrange blocks from the form menu.
Pathway to upgrading made easier: Wood -> Stone -> Concrete -> Frame/Particle Board -> Steel
Blocks destroy to air. They do not deteriorate.
14 subcategories and more than a thousand distinct forms

5) Dynamic Imposters

Faraway landscapes will reflect global and player-built fortification modifications.

improvements to the micro-splat

Better terrain merging

7) Feral Sense Game Option

Set zombies to varied degrees of sentience from foolish to vicious
Stealth still works but zombie senses are heightened hence stealth play is substantially more demanding
The following alternatives are available: None, Day, Night, and All.

Difficulty of Biome

Snow and Desert will get gamestage improvement delivering stronger enemies and better treasure
Wasteland will have a greater gamestage increase providing even tougher opponents and much better loot

9) Primitive Tier Pipe Weapons

Pipe Rifle Baton for Pistol Pistol Shotgun with a Pistol Barrel
Pipe Machine Gun
Pipe weapons craftable from knapsack without necessity for schematic Lever Action Rifle Tier between Bolt and Sniper
Many weapons reskinned to apocalyptic aesthetic style

10) Progression from one trader to the next

More information will be provided soon.

Improvements to Loot Progression and Staging

Details Coming

12) New POI's

(Shown to Reveal the Restore Power Quest) New Gas Station
There are over 145 new POIs, as well as various new accessories and decorations for the environment.
New Tier 3, Tier 4, and Tier 5 locations
Many legacy POIs updated

Improvements to Dynamic Music and Background Audio

More information will be provided soon.

14) Environment

The weather is more turbulent and diversified than ever before.
Wind dynamically impacts leaves and plants and wind will gust
Improved textures for environment art
Temporal Anti Aliasing option with a separate sharpening option
New model construction, shaders and lighting for plants and grass and optimized colliders
Bedrolls may be recolored when placement
Fuse Boxes updated and converted into triggers

15) Quest Improvements

Digging Quest improvements
Use of beacons to mark out nests and rocks has been incorporated to the Tutorial Quest for Tier 3 Digging Tier 3.

16) The Power Restoration Quest

Lights go out when rally marker is engaged
Find the generators and repair them
A block trigger system adds with multiple triggers, like switches, and may be on a layer. Blocks, like doors, may respond to them by doing anything such as opening or closing.

17) New Zombies/ Entities

Trader Hugh Nurse Drone Screamer
Fat Cop
Burnt Zombie (cold, hot, burning) (cold, hot, blazing) (cold, hot, flaming)
Hoodie Dude
Lumberjack Radiated Zombie with AOE acid blasts
All legacy zombies have been updated to new HD standard
All dealers have been updated to new HD standard
Bandit models have been started for A21

18) Twitch Integration

Streamers and Audience may participate using the game Chat commands to help or injure streamer

19) AI and Sleeper Improvements

Zombies may crouch and crawl through regions that are less than 2-meters but more than 1-meter

- - - -
Zombies may crawl through holes as tiny as one meter in diameter. - pushed to A21 Wandering Sleepers - pushed to A21

Changes to Characters - Moved to A21

Remove UMA and replace it with a new system designed in-house
Like books, themed apparel will work. Wear the full outfit and earn a completion benefit
Current 10 armor/clothing slots dropped to 4 slots for ensembles that will combine both clothing and armor values. Wearing garments under armor is no longer plagued with clipping difficulties. Better balance on quantity of mod slots available to employ with outfits.
Another component that will contribute with the evolution of bandits in the future is clothing.
Many of these jobs have already been undertaken by workers who have finished work on A20 and are now working on A21.

Added to A21: Water Reuse and Repurposing

Details Coming
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Alpha 20 Gallery of Contemporary Art

Photograph of an up-and-coming nursing model

Twenty-first-century Nursing: A New Community Created Artwork for Steam Artwork
By: SylenThunder

Tier 1 Quest is a new POI that's currently in development.

a20 New POI WIP it will be Tier 1 Quest Community Created Artwork for Steam Artwork
By: SylenThunder

New Cop Model

a20 New Cop Model #1 Community Created Artwork for Steam Artwork Written by SylenThunder

a20 New Cop Model #2 Community Created Artwork for Steam Artwork Written by SylenThunder

a20 New Cop Model #3 Artwork for Steam Designed by Members of the Public
By: SylenThunder

New Pipe Shotgunl

New gun models for a20 #4 Community Created Artwork for Steam Artwork
By: SylenThunder

This is a fresh new HD Zombie Dog Model from

7 Days to Die By: SylenThunder's New HD Zombie Dog Model Artwork a20

Concept for a Primitive Rifle

New a20 #5 gun models for Steam Artwork provided by the public
Written by SylenThunder

The Trader Joel model may be viewed at

a20 Trader Joel model Community Created Artwork for 7 Days to Die By: SylenThunder